Our Story



Based in Houston, TX, Nova Leaf, is the conception of co-founders and childhood best friends Rida and Jabeen.


 “We can’t even remember when we met, we must’ve been around 4 years old.” 

“That makes us sisters.”


Born and raised in New Jersey, they were always the most creative and artsy out of the bunch.
Jabeen followed her dreams in becoming a product designer, taking inspiration from nature to elevate user experiences.

Rida went on a journey of self discovery, finding alternative and holistic methods of healing such as cannabis and meditation. 


By kismet, Rida moved to Houston and Jabeen followed two years later.
In a heartfelt reunion to stay closer friends and help each other reach their highest dreams, Nova Leaf was born.
They combined their passions for natural remedies including the bountiful benefits of the hemp cannabis plant,
and their creative visions to create a luxury self-care product line to share with their friends and family.


With the love and support of an amazing team, Nova Leaf is blessed to officially open for business.

All Nova Leaf products are made with ❤️ in Houston, Texas.



Jabeen Zaidi - Co-Founder, Product Designer

Rida Hasan - Co-Founder, Media Strategist

Betsy Corona - SEO Marketing

Lauren Crain - Content Marketing