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​Top 3 essential oils to help you sleep better

Posted by Betsy on 23rd Dec 2019

​Top 3 essential oils to help you sleep better

More often than not we find ourselves putting off sleep and dedicating more time at work, with friends and family, trying to meet our goals, or enjoying ourselves. Contrary to popular belief, postponing your sleep makes you less productive and affects your overall well being. A good night’s sleep is the cornerstone for everything that was ever done right! So how can we help ourselves sleep better? Luckily, sleep aids have turned away from those traditional, over the counter sleeping aids that contain chemicals, can create codependency, and leave you feeling groggy. Recently, the sleep deprived have turned to more natural solutions including essential oils, hot baths, meditation and CBD oil therapy.

Wondering which essential oils can help you sleep better?

Whether it's falling asleep, staying asleep or waking up too early the following essential oils are known to aid you in catching some good quality zzz’s, improve your mood, and prepare you for the new day ahead:

1. Lavender oil to help you stay asleep

Lavender oil is known for its relaxing properties. Lavender is linked to lower blood pressure, body temperature, and heart rate all of which have a significantly impact in maintaining the ideal conditions for you body to stay asleep. In fact, a recent study on young men & women concluded that lavender oil “serves as a mild sedative and has practical applications as a novel, nonphotic method for promoting deep sleep” . Similarly, lavender oil was found to induce a state of prolonged drowsiness and relaxation on adults that received a 3-minute aromatherapy session.

2. Cedarwood to help you fall asleep

Cedarwood oil with its calming and grounding properties is known to have a sedative effect in our central nervous system. This makes it an ideal candidate to help induce the perfect mood that will ensure you falling asleep faster. A recent study shows that Cedrol (cedarwood) has a marked sedative effect and decreased spontaneous motor activity that will ensure the (often) prolonged process of falling asleep is reduced.

3.Valerian oil to help you sleep longer

Valerian root has an outstanding reputation in a sleep aid therapy. Used in bedtime herbal teas and in commercialized pills, it’s no wonder its oil is considered to be of great use for sleep seekers. Valerian essential oil may improve the overall quality of sleep and help you sleep longer . 

How to use essential oils to help you sleep?

There are several ways to benefit from aromatherapy. Novaleaf suggests applying Ascension to the soles of your feet, and wrists at the beginning and at the end of the day to help you feel calm and relaxed. If you are mixing your own concoction, dilute the essential oils in your carrier oil before applying to the skin. Make sure you do a patch test before applying them to large portions of skin.