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Benefits of Lavender Essential Oil

Posted by Lauren on 25th Nov 2019

Benefits of Lavender Essential Oil

Ah Lavender oil. When you think of Lavender oil, you might find your mind filled with images of purple plants and diffuser-filled spa rooms. Lavender is probably one of the only essential oils that can make you instantly conjure up images, emotions, feelings (smells?), because it seems like it’s used everywhere. Its use is ubiquitous. And there’s good reason for this; Lavender oil is easily one of the most versatile oils because of its myriad of therapeutic effects. Its benefits can best be observed when it’s taken orally, used topically, and inhaled in aromatherapy.


Lavender has a sweet, floral, and herby aroma, which has been found to have an anxiety-reducing effect. Its smell was also found to reduce the pain threshold, questioning if lavender would be a good approach for treating pain. making it so that the subject participants could withstand more pain when smelling the oil. With the anxiety-reducing effects it has, it

has been has a floral smell, mainly due to the fact that its essence is derived from lavender flowers.

Where Does Lavender Oil Come From?

There are over 450 different varieties of Lavender plants, each of them producing their own, unique essential oil. The most popular of these comes from the Lavender Angustifolia plant. Lavender Angustifolia is probably the plant you think of when you imagine Lavender plants. They’re beautiful, semievergreen plants, typically grown in groups, and their flowers sprout clustered in different hues of lavender. Lavender Angustifolia, also known as English Lavender or True Lavender, is native to the Mediterranean (Spain, France, Croatia, Italy), but it can grow anywhere provided it has a moderately dry climate and 6 - 8 hours of sunshine.

What Makes Lavender Special?

Because of its ubiquity, you already know that Lavender oil is quite special. But what makes it so special? Its acti

The most active components of Lavender are linalool and terpineol. Both of these can cause a sedative effect o n he central nervous system, which is what gives lavender its calming effects. to say Lavender oil provides some

What Are Its Benefits?

Topical Benefits

When used topically, lavender has been shown to produce antiinflammatory properties, such as reducing swelling.

Aromatherapy Benefits

Oral Benefits